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We have noticed for a long time a decline in Sunday School students. We have also experienced the lack of institutions that care for the family and provide a meeting place for all age groups. Our children separate when they reach college age without any bond that keeps them connected to their church and heritage.


When these problems were magnified with the Corona situation and the lockdown, a few of us thought about doing something to reject a situation that keeps us helpless and paralyzed in the face of all these challenges. Therefore we called for a zoom meeting on Wednesday, February 2021, to discuss these issues with other families and collect their views and feedback. The highlights of the feedback from the people who attended the meeting expressed concerns related to:

  1. The difficulties of raising children in the States in a society with conflicting values held dear by the parents.

  2. The need to have an approach in which the youth are a key part of developing their activities according to their interest and needs.

  3. The need to establish multiple groups to meet the needs of the different age groups.

  4. Making a living in Christ the center of all activities 

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